7 Back to School Tips for Everyone in the Family

The end of August brings with it the start of the back to school season. Whether you are a parent getting the kids ready for a new school year, a student gearing up for the fall semester, or a working professional ready to get back to a normal routine after the carefree days of summer, here are seven tips to help the entire family embrace the back to school season.

#1 Clock Quality Sleep

Get your children on a “back to school” sleep schedule at least two weeks before the first day of classes, so they have enough energy for their studies and after school activities. If you need to work on clocking quality sleep yourself, try adopting a new nighttime routine. Turn off all screens an hour before bed and do something for yourself to relax and unwind. Whether it is curling up with a good book, meditating or practicing some light stretching before bed, pick something that you enjoy and try it out for a week or two. You may even find you sleep better.

#2 Clothing Update

As we transition from the warm summer months to the cooler months of fall, have everyone in the family go through their current wardrobe and donate clothing items that no longer fit or are outdated. Take this opportunity to make room for new seasonal items that are in style for the fall and winter seasons ahead and do the same for yourself and your own clothing closet.

#3 Layout Clothes the Night Before

Mornings can be hectic, especially when the entire family is adjusting to a new school or work schedule, so ask children to pick out the next day’s outfit the night before to avoid the morning scramble to get out the door. Follow their lead and do the same for yourself. Whether you pack a gym bag or lay out your office outfit, do your future self a favor and plan ahead. You will thank yourself in the morning when you have one less thing to do!

#4 Make Earth Day Everyday

Stock up and save the Earth one packed lunch at a time by supplying everyone in your family with a reusable water bottle and reusable glassware to use in their packed lunches. No need to bother with aluminum foil, plastic bag or single use plastic. Just remind the kiddos to bring the glassware home and to not accidentally discard it after their lunch hour at school.

#5 Pack Lunches

Besides laying out clothes in advance, pack everyone’s lunch the night before, that includes your office lunch too! Ask the children to help and make it a family affair. An easy way to come up with school and office lunches is to clean out the kitchen fridge and whip up some delicious and nutritious lunches with these fun fridge clean-out meal ideas. If you need some more inspiration for all of those back to school lunches, check out these back to school lunchbox tips and if you want to elevate traditional school lunches, consider trading traditional sandwich bread for Stone Baked Pita Bread instead.

#6 Shop for School Supplies

What’s the one thing children enjoy most about back to school season? Back to school shopping! Take an inventory of what school supplies you already have on hand and make a list of new school supplies needed. Even if you are well past the age of needing school supplies, stock up on back to school school supplies anyways. Whether it’s for your home or office, take advantage of all those back to school sales. 5 notebooks for $5, don’t mind if we do!

Tip: Stock up on back to school foods by shopping for your favorite B-Free Foods by using our nifty store locator.

#7 Stock Up on Snacks

Hunger can strike anyone at any time and no one likes a hangry child or adult for that matter, so stock up on mindful snacks for the entire family. Some of our favorites include bite sized sourdough bread sandwiches, homemade granola, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.

Whether you are a kid heading back to the classroom or an adult getting back into a more structured schedule after summer, take advantage of the back to school season and get back into a fall routine with these seven back to school tips, perfect for the entire family.


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