We’re not just Free From, we’re Free To…

At BFree, we believe you can live free, without having to compromise on flavour and quality. Our great tasting products are created with carefully chosen free from ingredients that allow you to indulge, devour, savour and dig in.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but often it can be overlooked due to our busy lifestyles! BFree Muesli Morning Rounds are so easy and convenient to make, you can enjoy them at home or in the office. Simply pop in the toaster and add mouth-watering toppings like fruit, honey or yoghurt. If you like to keep things plain, the morning rounds are filled with cranberries and sultanas making them soft, sweet and juicy. Did you know cranberries can improve your digestion? Cranberries are packed full of fibre which is great for your overall gut health. In order to have a healthy digestive system we need fibre in our diet to support healthy bowel movements. Sultanas are also a great source of fibre. Studies suggest that people who follow diets that are rich in fibre help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.


Brunch is breakfast without an alarm clock! Our English Muffins are perfect for weekend brunching. Lightly toast them and pair with poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise sauce for a complete Eggs Benedict. Perhaps you have a sweet tooth? They also taste great with creamy almond cheese, juicy fresh cherries, crunchy granola and maple syrup. Interesting fact, English Muffins did not originate in England at all! A British ex-pat called Samuel Bath Thomas moved to New York in 1874. He opened his own bakery and invented ‘toaster crumpets’ which were later renamed ‘English Muffins’. English muffins were not imported to England until the 1900’s!


Do you dine al Desko? If you do, at least make sure it’s tasty! Our BFree Sweet Potato Wraps are made with real sweet potatoes ground down into a flour and only 91 calories per wrap. For lunch heat them for 30 seconds and fill with pulled jackfruit, sweetcorn, avocado, red cabbage, chopped tomatoes, spring onion, jalapenos and sriracha mayo. If you do find yourself sitting at your desk at lunchtime, why not take just six short minutes to listen to our mindfulness audio which will allow you to escape from your office environment and the real world. Why be mindful you ask? By practising mindfulness, it can help you increase your ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

Dig In

Eating is one of the great pleasures in life and it’s at the centre of good times with friends and family. One of our favourite products to share with others, is our pizza bases. These hand-stretched artisan pizza bases are baked in a stone-fired oven making them light and crispy. Top as you please or why not try with barbeque sauce, chicken, red onion, peppers and mozzarella.

Have you ever wondered why you crave sweets after a meal?

If you’ve just consumed a lot of carbohydrates at dinner, your blood sugar may drop, causing you to crave sweets.

Fear not! Our pizza bases also double as dessert pizzas. That’s right! More and more people have been turning pizzas into sweet treats by swapping out your traditional tomato base and spreading melted chocolate instead. Top with strawberries and marshmallows for the perfect sweet treat.

Now, do we have you hungry? To try any of these products follow the link or visit Dunnes, Supervalu or Tesco.

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Check out our favourite fajita recipe over on her.ie, it won’t disappoint: https://www.her.ie/food/vegan-gluten-free-fajitas-friday-477188







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