Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been a consistent part of my life for many, many years now, but it wasn’t always that way.

Growing up

As a teenager growing up in the States, I was the skinny cheerleader who gorged on junk food and didn’t really do any exercise – but didn’t think it mattered. I reasoned that I was still slim – so that was fine! I certainly didn’t feel fine though. My mood was low and my energy tank was often running on empty.

It wasn’t until I switched things up to a plant-based diet that my health, my happiness, and my energy levels all began to soar.


Practicing Yoga

Shortly after I changed my diet, I also began practicing yoga, and found that the two things truly complimented each other. Now, not only did I feel great, but I also started to notice my previously skinny body become toned and healthy looking too.

After I had my fourth kid, nearly ten years ago, I ramped up my yoga practice and it’s now something that I can’t imagine getting through each day without!


The benefits of yoga

The benefits of practicing yoga go much deeper than the flexibility aspect that is most commonly connected to it – although this is still a fantastic benefit!

For me, the potential that yoga has to soothe the mind and relieve stress, is among the most exciting of all of the advantages. With a busy schedule and an endless to-do list, being able to recharge anywhere, anytime is essential for my well-being.

When you practice yoga regularly then your muscles are going to strengthen, but more interestingly you will be boosting your bone strength also. Additionally, your self-awareness, self-esteem, and your capacity for self-love, will undoubtedly blossom when you truly get into your yoga practice. This can have countless knock-on effects for your confidence and your happiness.

As you progress with your practice you will also subtly notice how your co-ordination improves. This is something that is likely to be more apparent within your yoga practice than it is in the rest of your life, but will come in useful for other physical activities that you engage in too!