Running: how to get started

First of all, why running?

Running has so many benefits:
Relieves stress,
Strengthens your muscles
One of the best way to lose weight
Eliminate depression
Boost your confidence
Build up endurance

Get the right kit

The first step is to get the right kit. Running is not an expensive sport a simple kit and you’re good to go. Running shoes are best purchased at specialty running stores, where employees guide you and recommend models based on your objective and your ability. Moreover, they will analyse your run on a treadmill and look at how your feet work to make sure you get the right pair of shoes, fashion comes after!


Run Forest!

Now it’s time to go outside and run! One thing I really like about running is the fact that you can go for a run wherever you are, in your neighbourhood, in a park, on the beach, you’re not chained to a gym. Same for the weather, it shouldn’t be an obstacle you just need to be dressed appropriately. If you’re a true beginner your first run won’t last too long as your legs will be burning after 5 to 10 minutes of effort.


Set a goal

The best way to commit yourself is to set up a goal. That goal gives you something to reach, something that you’re going to work toward. Your objective must be challenging but not impossible, so if you’re a beginner search for a 5km race and sign up for it. Your objective may be to complete the race without stopping or to do it in under an hour. As soon as you accomplish your objective, find another one more challenging!


Follow your running plan

When you start running, don’t plan to go too fast or too far right away, this is the best way get injured. Your plan must be progressive, consistent and adapted to you, all the time working toward you goal. If you’ve never run before, 10 minutes training may be enough for the first time, but it’s ok- you’ll get better! To set up your plan you must gradually increase the amount of time that you’re running, but don’t go too far if you don’t feel comfortable. However, you should aim for 3 running sessions a week to build endurance.


Listen to your body

Your legs may be sore in the beginning. This is your muscle recovering from the effort. But if you keep up the routine, the leg soreness will disappear quickly. To recover quickly it is recommended to drink water in order to replace the fluids you’ve lost during the effort. Also gentle stretching, high quality sleep and appropriate food with high protein will help a lot.


Find motivators

For most people it is quite hard to get motivated especially when it comes to running. Therefore you should find someone or something that helps you and pushes you to go out and run. A friend is always a good choice as you stimulate each other. However, some apps are available to keep track of your running session, pushing you to get to the next level.

Couch to 5k

You may have heard about “Couch to 5k”, this is an app that has been designed to help you, to literally get you from your couch to a 5 kilometres training step by step. Your speed isn’t important as the app focuses on either the time or distance of your run depending on your preference. “Couch to 5k” gets you through a 9 week programme where distance or time are gradually increased to achieve your goal. The programme requires 30 minutes of your time, 3 times a week during 9 weeks. The app gives you access to all kinds of information regarding your programme and your runs, with data sync and share it with your friends.

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