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This May, we spotlight our youngest BFree Foodie yet: Annabelle! At 11, her infectious curiosity and joy shine through, even in her journey with coeliac disease. Follow her on Instagram @annabelle.glutenfreegirl

🟢 Name & Age –

Annabelle, 11

🟢 City –

Bristol, UK

🟢 Bio –

I live with my Mum, Dad and younger brother. No one else in my family has tested positive for coeliac disease. I’m in Year 6 and going to a new secondary school in September.

🟢 Diagnosis –

Luckily for me it was quite a speedy process. In October 2019, when I had just turned 7, I started having really bad tummy aches & headaches on the top of feeling exhausted. I went to the doctors and they sought some advice from the Children’s hospital because they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. The hospital requested lots of different blood tests, which I had a few days later. I then went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with coeliac disease on the 30th of January 2020.

🟢 My Passion –

I enjoy finding new gluten free food, it gives me a burst of excitement when I find something new! I have just started an instagram account run by my mum called, Annabelle ~ gluten free girlie.

I love making people happy and meeting new people.

I also love swimming and I train four times a week for a competitive swim squad.

I find baking gluten free sweet treats really fun but I do make quite a mess!

🟢 Fav Bfree product –

Sweet Potato Wraps.

🟢 Go-to recipe –

Becky Excell’s waffles from How to make anything Gluten Free.

🟢 Fav GF restaurant –

Bolero Lounge & Bella Italia.

🟢 Best life tip –

If you don’t feel confident with what you’re about to eat then don’t eat it! Lots of people don’t understand the difference of being coeliac and being gluten free as a life choice.



Follow Annabelle on instagram @annabelle.glutenfreegirlie


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