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This March, we spotlight Katy & Charlie, a mother and son sharing their journey with Coeliac disease.

🟢 Name & Age –

Katy Chilvers, 38 and Charlie Chilvers, 15

🟢 City –

Spalding, a small town in Lincolnshire.

🟢 Bio –

Katy, mum of 3 teenagers! Busy, working mum life full of never-ending chaos! However, I enjoy fitness and get out and about to clear the mind in our old VW campervan!

Charlie loves anything fish or rugby related. He will either drive you mad with them or embrace your interest!

🟢 Diagnosis Backstory-

I have had type 1 diabetes since shortly after the birth of my middle son Charlie, 15 years ago. I was then diagnosed two years later, after being unwell for some time with Coeliac Disease. I only underwent testing after requesting it from the doctors due to my late aunt having the same condition. Following a biopsy, I was diagnosed shortly after.

Since then, I have been managing both conditions. Although I struggle daily with my diabetes, I have always found controlling Coeliac Disease to be the most challenging.

Charlie was diagnosed a year ago after a brief period of illness. I suspected the condition immediately, though the doctors were initially unsure. To no surprise, his results for Coeliac Disease came back extremely high! Charlie has been adjusting to this alongside a diagnosis of ADHD. We often joke about our unique quirks (health conditions) and, despite the daily struggles (and plenty of complaining!), we both embrace life and face it head-on. Or, as Charlie likes to say, “it is what it is!”

🟢 Fav Bfree product –

BFree Tiger Rolls were a turning point for us both. We both agreed that it was like visiting the bakery and savouring every mouthful, heaven! By far the best gluten-free bread we’ve tried!

🟢 Go-to recipe –

A ‘made up’ home recipe using a gluten-free wrap as a base, and then an omelette choice filling inside, ten minutes in the air fryer and you have a delicious pizza/ quiche type meal! Our favourite fillings are cheese, tomato, ham and green pesto. Mixed with 2 or 3 eggs for the omelette! It’s so easy to make, and no mess! Even a 15-year-old can make!

🟢 Fav GF restaurant –


They make a super fuss over you as soon as you let them know of your allergens, meaning you can be 100% happy, and your meal has no cross contamination. The staff are so aware of the impact of your condition, meaning you can enjoy every bite of food, knowing you won’t be poorly later!

🟢 Best life tip –

Before Charlies’ diagnosis, I did not appreciate the seriousness of the condition and would occasionally eat something like a biscuit, knowing I shouldn’t and that it would make me poorly. Charlie has supported me as much as I have him. He can say wholeheartedly that he hasn’t knowingly eaten gluten since his diagnosis. I am so proud of him, and this has made me appreciate my health so much more and the importance of following a strict gluten-free diet too.

My advice would be to learn about your condition and understand its implications fully, but don’t be ashamed or afraid to talk about it. Share any tips or places you have eaten, as you never know, how much you, too, could be helping someone else with the same condition.


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