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BFree Foodie February 2024 is Lucy Pickles, a vibrant 23-year-old sharing her journey of embracing a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle. Join us as we delve into Lucy's story.

We’re constantly WOW’d by our amazing community and the incredible content creators who are dedicated to bring joy to gluten free, wheat free and dairy free eating.

Today, we spotlight Lucy Pickles, a vibrant 23-year-old sharing her journey of embracing a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle. Join us as we delve into Lucy’s story.

🟢 Age –

I am 23 years old.

🟢 City –

I’m currently living in Somerset, not too far from Bristol.

🟢 Bio –

Hi, I’m Lucy, and I follow a gluten and dairy free lifestyle! I started my page just to show and prove that being gluten and dairy free does not mean that you have to miss out on anything! You can still party, travel, attend special occasions and live your life to the fullest without missing out!!

Besides my love for travel, spending time with friends and family and exploring delicious eats, I am also a keen equestrian and love most things fitness!

🟢 Allergens –

Gluten and dairy.

🟢 Fav Bfree product –

Oooe such a tricky question as I just love them all! But if I had to pick one, it would be the high protein wraps or the pittas as they are just incredible and both so versatile!!

🟢 When diagnosed –

Around 10 years ago now I was diagnosed with IBS by my doctor, so began to test what could be triggering it. We concluded that gluten was the culprit, so began to follow a gluten free diet. Then about 3 years after that, I felt that something still wasn’t quite right. So I went back to the doctors to carry out more tests, and found that dairy was also a triggering factor, so then that’s when I also started to follow a dairy free diet.

🟢 Go-to recipe –

Ok it’s got to be a Greek style stuffed pitta! Stuff some lettuce, cucumber, tomato, dairy free feta, chicken and a homemade dairy free tzatziki all into into a pitta (BFree of course) and voila!! 🤤 As simple as that … chefs kiss 👌🏽

🟢 Fav GF restaurant –

This is a tricky one actually as there are quite a few good ones now a days! However, a classic for me when I’m out and about in a city would have to be Pho! They offer such an array of yummy thai dishes, that I know are going to be a very safe option! But other than that, I would go for a sushi restaurant or a cute cafe that serves an açai bowl or poke bowl (checking that it’s all safe to eat beforehand, of course!).

🟢 Best life tip –

Always carry snacks!!! I am partial to getting a little hangry, which is not helpful if you can’t find something to eat when out and about! (My friends and family now even carry snacks for me!) So if you also get hangry like me, then make sure you always have a snack on you – your future self (and the people around you 😂) will love you for it!!


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